American Red Cross First Aid Tips – Important Tips Everyone Should Know

The American Red Cross provides assistance in emergencies and other events to people throughout the communities they serve.  In addition, they also offer courses in how one can be prepared for an emergency or to care for injured and sick persons in an emergency situation.  They also provide tips for many types of situations where an emergency might arise to help in preventing or limiting the extent of injury or illness.  These can be valuable resources for everyone but the most important tips they provide are the American Red Cross First Aid Tips.  These basic tips can help save someone’s life in a medical emergency and it is good for everyone to know them.

American Red Cross First Aid Tips

One of the most basic American Red Cross first aid tips is to make sure that a victim is out of harm’s way.  This means moving them out of any spot where they or those trying to help them can incur injury or damage.  Safety for the victim and those helping him must come first.  The next step is to ascertain if the victim is awake and breathing.  If a victim is not breathing, then it is important to see if there is anything in their mouth that would interfere with their ability to get air.  If there is anything in their mouth it must be cleaned out so that the air can flow.  If this does not help the victim breathe, CPR may be necessary. Before starting CPR call for medical help, the 9-1-1 operator will generally give instructions on what to do next.  CPR is not difficult.  It involves chest compressions and then breathing into the victim’s mouth.  The ratio is 30 compressions and then one breath.

Another critical area that American Red Cross first aid tips cover is heart attacks.  A heart attack is a very sudden occurrence.  One can recognize a heart attack victim by their profuse sweating, gasping for air, persistent or sudden chest pain, bluish lips, dizziness and or fainting.  Have the victim sit down and then give them a regular aspirin which they can chew if they are conscious.  Call for medical help and give CPR if needed.

There are many other American Red Cross first aid tips but these are two of the most basic tips.  It is important that everyone become familiar with basic first aid and what to do in the case of an emergency.  Sometimes it is only through the help of those on the scene when an incident occurs that a victim can survive.